How To Use Safely Use An Automobile Battery Charger

Automobile battery charger comes handy when it comes to charging the drained out battery of the car. The car batteries are subject to drain out because of the continuous usage and the load that car takes to run engine, music player and air conditioner. However, using battery charger comes with certain do’s and don’ts. More informationmodel 84612 mike brown Here are few tips on how you can safely use battery charger.

  • Correct charger must be used: You should use the correct battery charger for your car battery. You can seek guidance from your car manufacture or trusted mechanic for this. You should also check the car manual to get more information about the charger.
  • Charger manual should be read: You should know the working of a charger and what precautions have to be taken while using the charger. For that, you have to read the charger manual. Also, pay the attention to the warnings mentioned on the manual of the automobile battery charger.
  • Removing the battery cables from battery terminals: You need to remove all the battery cables from the battery terminals. There are two types of cables. One is negative cable, which is in black colour, and another one is positive cable, which is in red colour. First, remove the black cable (negative cable) and then remove the red cable (positive cable).
  • Check if charger is plugged: Charger must not be plugged in to the electric outlet. Also, check that power switch must be off. Otherwise, it might be harmful or dangerous. For safety purpose, charger must be unplugged from the electric current.
  • Connecting the cables with terminals properly: Connect the red cable (positive cable) with positive battery terminal and the black cable (negative cable) with the negative battery terminal.
  • Selecting the charging process: It’s up to you how you want to charge the battery. For slow charging, use lower charging voltage and current and for quick charge, use higher or advanced setting. It should be noted that lower charging gives better results. You can also check the charger manual for the proper settings.
  • Setting the charger manually or automatically: You can select the charger that run for a particular period of time or you can go for auto run where charger will automatically shut down if battery is fully charged. But keep in mind that all chargers do not have this feature. You can leave the cables or automobile battery charger at one place until battery gets fully charged.
  • Final step :- When battery gets fully charged up, you can switch off the charger and then make it unplugged. In the end, disconnect all the cables. Start with negative cable first which is in black colour and then disconnect the positive cable which is in red colour.

Automobile battery charger can prove really helpful in saving money and maintain the car’s efficiency. While choosing the charger make sure that you buy a good quality one from a reliable store. Visit This Page